Yahoo will change its name to ‘Altaba,” CEO Marissa Meyer resigns

Yahoo will change its name to ‘Altaba,” CEO Marissa Meyer resigns

We all know that the majority of the glorious technology company will once be sold to Verizon for $ 4.8 billion. The rest will be renamed to Altaba, according to new information published today (January 10). The name change has been planned for a long time, but until now the name has been decided and officially announced.

Altaba? It was a name that did not match with “Yahoo”. also joked that it was a combination of the 90s Altavista search engine and Alibaba – both of which Yahoo owns in part or in whole.

Altaba owns 15% of Alibaba and 35.5% of Yahoo Japan. This will be an investment company, not a technology.

Marissa Mayer resigned

The name Marissa Mayer has been synonymous with Yahoo since she took over, but things are changing when the merger with Verizon is almost over.

Yahoo has announced that Marissa Mayer and its co-founder David Filo and four others will withdraw from the board of directors after Verizon officially enters. According to the filing filed with the SEC, this “was not due to dissatisfaction” with the way the company was run.

It is understandable that Marissa does not run Altaba, because it is not a technology company. But she will not manage the merged Yahoo into Verizon (Verizon will decide who to take power, but she can join the board of directors), so this will be the end of the role. Marissa’s leadership at Yahoo – an iconic move after a year of 2016 with so much volatility and problems at Yahoo.

An asteroid has just grazed the Earth

On the evening of Monday (January 9), a rock in the universe the size of a 10-story building flew past the Earth. It is worth mentioning that people only discovered this dangerous asteroid two days ago.

The asteroid, 2017 AG3, was discovered on Saturday (January 7) by the University of Arizona’s Catalina Sky Survey.

With a length of 15-34m, the asteroid 2017 AG3 flew at a speed of 16km / s. As it passes through the Earth, it is approximately one half the distance of the Earth-Moon.

“It’s very fast moving, very close to us,” said Eric Feldman, an astronomer.

Nearly hit

Smoke stains remain after an asteroid exploded in Chelyabinsk, Russia on February 15, 2013

What if this believing asteroid plunges into our atmosphere?

According to Purdue University’s impact meteorite simulation model called “Impact Earth”, the consequences are not as bad as we initially thought.

A 34-meter-long asteroid that falls to Earth at an angle of 45 degrees, according to the simulated model, will explode right in the atmosphere. Although the explosive power of the blast is 700,000 tons of TNT, which is dozens of times more than the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, but because it explodes at about 10 miles in the air, it will hardly affect people below ground. is it just as loud as the sound of cars on the road.

However, according to Slooh, which provides online space images, 2017 AG13 “is about the same size as the asteroid that fell on Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013”. So the impact on the ground could be similar: causing broken glass windows and minor damage to buildings.

The meteorite exploded in Chelyabinsk, Russia on February 15, 2013

The Near Earth Object Program of NASA projects that, in January 2017, there will be about 38 “grafts” like 2017 AG3. But because NASA has no plans to spend heavily on asteroid detection projects, the ability to detect these threats early is still quite vague in the near future.