7 Android functions that most users don’t know

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone or tablet. However, not everyone can exploit all the useful features of these devices. Here are 7 functions on Android phones that you may not have known.

The easiest way to save battery

Many high-end smartphones today feature automatic pixel highlighting to show a sharper background image. Therefore, using colorful background images will make the smartphone consume more power for this feature. If you choose the background of your phone screen is merely black or dark, the automatic pixel highlighting feature will automatically turn off and the device will be able to extend the usage time. This feature isn’t available on every Android device, but most of Samsung’s tablets and smartphones come with it.

Convert text to voice

With an article, you can not only read on the screen but also listen to it with an Android device. If you want to hear audio instead of reading it, you just need to go to Settings (Accessibility) -> Accessibility and then enable the Text-to-Speech setting (Text-to-Speech) OK.

Remote smartphone control

Just go to Settings (Settings) -> Security (Security) -> go to Device administrators (Device administrators), then select Android Device Manager (Android Device Manager) and enable lock and delete The remote data is that you can put your smartphone under safety control. After setting this feature, if you lose your phone, you just need to identify and lock it without worrying about losing your data.

Turn on Guest Mode

If you want to temporarily lend your phone to someone else, but you want to keep your personal data private, use Guest Mode. Swipe down from the top with two fingers and touch the user icon in the upper right. The Add guest icon will appear and you will be able to select the tasks that the “guest” that borrows the phone is allowed to perform.

Screen magnifier

For people with low vision, the screen magnification feature is very useful. Just go to Settings (Settings) -> Accessibility (Accessibility) and then select Zoom (Magnification). Then, tap on any part of the screen, you will be able to enlarge it.

Hotspot mode

If you have an Android smartphone, you probably won’t need to buy a separate 3G modem or a router to use the Internet on different devices, because smartphones come with Wifi streaming. Go to Settings (Settings) -> Share your connection and portable hotspot (Tethering and portable hotspot) and turn on the WLAN feature (Portable WLAN hotspot) and your phone will turn into a hotspot. Wifi mobile.

Secret game

Starting with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Google has a small secret for users of these platform devices. However, not everyone discovered this. First, go to Settings (Settings) and then select About phone (About phone) or About tablet (About tablet). Quickly tap repeatedly on the Android Version and when an Androi version icon appears, tap on it again, a mini game will appear to wait for you to experience.

Google launches Autodraw: An AI application for drawing drawings quickly

Google just launched Autodraw, a web-based drawing tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze doodles and turn them into complete drawings with a few simple and quick steps. quickly.

AutoDraw was developed by Google based on its previous Quick Draw artificial intelligence project, which is also a simple tool that uses machine learning to analyze human drawings.

When you outline the basic contours on AutoDraw, Google’s artificial intelligence will choose the images available in the library to match the image just drawn and make a suggestion to replace it with a version of a The artist gives you the option. You can also color and edit images before exporting the image file in PNG format.

Google said: “AutoDraw is really useful for people with visual impairments who cannot draw their own things. AutoDraw combines the magic of machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help you draw pictures quickly. ”

However, because it is only artificial intelligence, this drawing tool is also not perfect and has many limitations in recognition. Sometimes, the program will suggest some “weird” and unrelated alternatives to what you draw.

To use, you just need to click the Start Drawing button to get started. In AutoDraw interface, there are 6 tools with functions and 1 color box to adjust the colors for each tool including:

Move: Move objects in the picture, including text and pictures.
AutoDraw: Draw automatically, you and the AI ​​system will automatically recognize it.
Draw: I will, like Paint in Windows.
Text: Add text to the drawing.
Fill: Fill by each cell for the image.
Shape: Create square blocks, round for drawings
This tool is completely free at https://www.autodraw.com/ and you can use it via browsers on your computer, smartphone or tablet.