4 famous near-death experiences told about the journey to hell

Humans after death will be like? There are many near-death experiences that talk about heaven and transcendent states of consciousness, but also scary journeys to hell.

Here are 4 famous near-death experiences in which the character went to the underworld. The situation in that place, often tormented, suffering, some people still see hell fire burning forest, even see the devil …

Case 1: Matthew Botsford was hopelessly on a fire pit

Returning after going to hell – 4 famous near death experiences
During the near-death experience in hell, Matthew Botsford found his hands and feet pinned.

In 1992, 28-year-old American Matthew Botsford was standing outside a restaurant in Atlanta when he was hit in the head. He had been in a coma for 27 days, with a few times the heart stopped. During that time, he witnessed the terrifying hell scene.

In near-death experiences, Matthew Botsford discovered his hands and feet were pinned, suspended, with an ancient black shackles, he lied alone above a giant crater and volcanic red. The inside is flowing lava.

He saw the 4-legged creatures walking around writhing, they were far away from the lava flow. Smoke rising seems to carry the soul of the dead. He heard painful screams from the depths of hell.

After a while, a swarm of demons and strange creatures came to “ask” him. “I can see a few faces of these demons, and their bodies are … short and stubby, covered with scales and on their heads are horns of all shapes, sizes, showing their level in the territory. Satan. “

The sharp-toothed demons stripped his back skin, causing tremendous pain. “I heard my skin being torn like a paper ribbon. I smell rotting as if their corpses. My skin immediately healed, and the torture was repeated. The torture is endless. “

Luckily, a giant hand lowered and grabbed his body. “Immediately the shackles opened, the demons fled, darkness, fear and hopelessness disappeared.”

Matthew heard the music in heaven and the bright white light. Then a thunder-like voice said, “Your time has not yet come.”

Waking up from a coma, he was paralyzed on the left side, and the ability to move with just one infant. Over the next 2 years, Matthew had to work hard and repeat “almost everything.”

Case 2: Pastor Howard Storm is saved

The American pastor Howard Storm was once an atheist, but in a coma due to a stomach puncture, his beliefs changed.

After being rushed to the hospital, in a coma, Howard Storm asked what had happened, but he discovered that the people in the room could not hear him. He wanted to stop everyone but no one saw him, they passed him. So it was clear that he was dead and was a wandering soul in the hospital.

He recalled, he saw some people standing in front of the door at the end of the hall were waving at him, like inviting him to join their team. This scene made him very difficult to understand, but he did not have any plan so decided to join their team, following them into that door.

After entering, he saw a completely different dimension. Howard Storm turned and looked back, the room of the hospital getting farther and farther away, and the farther away in the fog the more it felt creepy, similar to the corridor in the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. -la ”(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

Then his companions quickly turned into evil faces, they pushed him faster. They suddenly became violent, used his teeth to bite him, ate his flesh. Howard Storm tried to struggle to escape the evil attackers but useless. When he was exhausted, suddenly he heard an echo in his head telling him to pray – something he had never done before.

Along with the constant tearing of his skin, he shouted out the words “The Fatherland is Protected by God” in the book “The Pledge of Allegiance” (Pledge of Allegiance) and the lyrics in The Lord’s Prayer ).

His cries panicked the attackers, painfully and slowly away from him. Then a stream of light came, healing the wounds and taking him to a place filled with love. They showed him his life, and answered many of his questions about America’s life, war and role …

Finally, Howard understood that he needed to go back and live a better life. “And just like that, I came back. Returning to the body, the pain is still there, just worse than at first. ”

Case 3: George Ritchie walks through the layers of hell

Returning after going to hell – 4 famous near death experiences
George Ritchie’s story is one of the best known near death experiences. He even brought his story to be published as a book “Return to Tomorrow”.

During World War II, George Ritchie suffered from pneumonia, he was sent to an army hospital in Virginia, where he was pronounced dead. He recalled the scene when the soul left his body and wandered around the city. Then he met a life full of light and compassion, knew everything about him and loved him unconditionally. This life has brought him through many lands of hell.

The scene resembles Dante Alighieri’s “Divine” depictions, revealing to him the feeling of the soul’s struggle with its body.

There was a scene of many morale-depressed sailors smoking and drinking in the bar. Surrounded by souls who are also addicted, they try in vain to drink alcohol and even try to control these people to drink.

The more George Ritchie moved forward, the more terrifying the scene. There is a scene of a wasteland with indignant souls fighting. They are full of anger and lust and craving that are never satisfied. When the insults of every soul appear, everyone can hear them, and they are overwhelmed.

George Ritchie wrote: “Scary is the fact that countless crazy people torture each other to be satisfied, I have never imagined such a perverted scene before.”

Space is filled with their cries of lament, because desires are never satisfied. These desires go beyond the scope of the physical world and go to the afterlife. Those souls can always leave this place of hell, but they have fled the light because they do not want the evil in their hearts to be exposed.

Not long after, George Ritchie regained consciousness, later he became a psychiatrist, published many books on near-death experiences, his works became an important reference for researchers.

Case 4: Angie Fenimore “transcends darkness” in hell

In 1991, a girl named Angie Fenimore attempted suicide, but failed, but helped her experience near death. She later recorded in the book “Beyond the Darkness”.

According to her, after she lost consciousness, the first experience was “recreating life”, all the things she had done through her life were played again, until the moment before she Suicide.

“Re-enacting life” is a common scene in near-death experiences, in which the character is reviewing their life as watching a movie.

After finishing “recreating life”, she fell into a boundless darkness. While feeling extremely lonely, she looked over and saw several others, mostly young.

“Oh, people must commit suicide,” she exclaimed. Angie Fenimore became aware of these words in her mind, and she was able to communicate with thought (not speaking). But no matter how hard she tried, there was no answer from the spirits here.

They are empty, disoriented, going back and forth. Their minds can freely connect with each other, and just by thinking, everyone can “hear”, but Angie Fenimore sees that all of them are mentally exhausted, no one is able to interact with others. . In that place, she was extremely lonely because she could not communicate with anyone.

Then, two light beings arrived, asking questions to show her the harmful effects of suicide. Her children will grow up in suffering and lack of guidance, causing them to deviate from the path the gods have arranged for them. Her children, Alex (not yet born) would need to do something important in life and she would need to take care of them.

Her husband and relatives will also suffer and do not have enough love needed to spread to the world. The millions of people whom Angie has never met will be influenced by her selfish death, because everyone is related. This action caused a great karma that she would end up suffering.

The reason she was able to communicate and see the beings of light, while others in that dark space could not, was because she could open her heart and believe. After all, her misery was taken on by the Gods, but in order to do so, she had to agree with this gift.

“My heart is broken when I realize that I not only hurt my family, those whom God loves, but also the Savior, who gives me infinite love, to suffer – all even just because I let myself be molded by the weakness of others, ”Angie wrote.

“I looked down at the poor souls and realized that I no longer felt like them. I want to live.”

Then the strong energy sent her to this prison of darkness to free her. “The darkness passed quickly, and suddenly I returned to my body, lying on the cushion chair.”

Angie Fenimore’s experience ranked first in the rankings, because in comparison to the tormented and painful experiences burned in hell fire, her experience was even more painful: review The whole scene of life when alive, finally thrown into a deserted area, engulfed in torment forever and completely devoid of will.

The most important discovery of the era: Controlling the ‘free’ energy from nothingness

While renewable energies hope to replace fossil fuels that are about to run out, physics has long discussed something called “free” energy.

The world is completely hidden, that there are more advanced methods for generating clean energy. This can lead to major revolutionary changes in our world. It is energy coming from outer space, also known as energy coming from quantum vacuum or zero energy.

They are also called “free” energy because they do not have to consume input energy to produce, and they do not have to pay for handling environmental consequences.

“Surprisingly, these concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories around the world, but have never really been published to the world.” – Dr. Brian O’leary

What is quantum vacuum?

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that the more we know about certain things in the quantum world, the less we know about others. For example, you cannot deduce the exact position and energy of a particle at the same time.

A similar relationship exists between energy and time. If space is really empty, it will have energy of exactly zero at a precisely defined time in time – something the uncertainty principle forbids us to know.

Thus, nothing is vacuum. According to quantum field theory, empty space is actually filled with short-lived matter, which appears for a moment and then disappears again, generally preventing the universe from violating the principle of any specified.

“Nothing is more important than this, the space is not empty, it is the existence of the most reversible physical theories” – John Wheeler.

The quantum vacuum is defined as the ultimate fundamental state of all things, which is scalar, neutral, carrying minimal energy, or zero energy. The zero point energy is the oscillating energy that the particles retain even at absolute zero relative to a temperature of 0 ° K or -273.15 ° C.

One of the proofs for zero point energy is the Casimir effect. The Casimir effect describes: if you place two uncharged metal plates face to face in a vacuum, they will come towards each other by a force of about 0.1 grams.

Ability to extract energy from quantum vacuum

One of the first people to talk about harnessing energy from the vacuum was the great inventor Nicolas Tesla.

“As generations pass by, our machines will be powered by energy coming from any point in the universe” – Nikola Tesla (source)

Many believe that the Nazis successfully exploited zero-point energy to create three generations of flying saucers using anti-gravity engines with attack weapons, with a flying speed of up to 40,000 km / h called Haunebu.

In the past, there have been many inventions that generate “free” energy from the quantum vacuum, but those inventions have been hidden, forgotten, or even scientists. their invention even mysteriously disappears.

It should also be noted that since the US “Patent Protection Act” came into effect in 1951, more than 5,000 inventions have been listed as confidential until the end of 2014.

As reported by Steven Aftergood from the American Federation of Scientists:

“The list of patents in 1971 indicates that patents for solar generators have been reviewed and may be limited if photovoltaic efficiency reaches more than 20%. Energy conversion systems must also be considered and may be limited if they achieve ‘conversion efficiency beyond 70-80%‘ ”(source)

No longer a taboo?

In the last few years, the issue of free energy extraction from Vacuum seems to have been more enthusiastically paid by mainstream scientists and investors.

Professor Hassim Haramein is leading a group of physicists, electrical engineers, mathematicians and other scientists to find unified principles and their meaning. In a TEDx talk at the University of California, San Diego, USA, he stated:

“Space is really not empty, it is full of energy … The energy in space is not in vain, it is endless and we can calculate the energy in space and make it come true.” Everything we see is actually emerging from space. ”(Quote Nassim’s TEDx talk).

A study titled “Extraction of energy and heat from Vacuum” in the journal Physical Review of Dr., Associate Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University – Daniel C. Cole and physicist Harold E. Puthoff shows:

“Recent proposals have emerged in the media about extracting energy and heat from point-to-point electromagnetic radiation through the Casimir effect. The basic thermodynamics associated with these proposals have been clarified here, with the conclusion that these are in principle true. ”

This brings us to the next point, that these concepts are not only in principle, but they are no longer theoretical.

“These are not just marginal scientists with unrealistic ideas. These are mainstream ideas that are being published in mainstream physics journals and are taken seriously by the military and donors like NASA. ”- Dr. Harold E. Puthoff

Are there any examples of “free” energy generating devices?

So far, devices that produce “free” energy are no longer unthinkable or on paper.

Professor Paramahamsa Tewari in India has succeeded in researching and manufacturing generators with output power greater than input. He called it “Reactionless Generator.” He invented an invention to suppress Lenz force, which always existed against the torque of the generators.

You can refer to the video taken from the movie “Out of The Void”, which premiered at the Vien International Film Festival, documenting the scene of the device in action at home Kirloskar machine, India. At this factory, the results of the consolidated inspection were confirmed.

Turkish inventor, Muammer Yildiz, also successfully invented a generator of permanent magnets. His invention was presented at the Dutch Technical University and received recognition and appreciation from the scientists here. Muammer Yildiz also presented this product at the Turkish Innovation Exhibition in January 2013, the Geneva Creators Exhibition, Switzerland in April 2013. Currently, he founded HMSB company to commercialize this product.

In addition, GDS Technology Canada also has a portable generator of 5kW capacity, powered by water.

Although it is possible to produce electricity without using fuel, these “free” energy generators still have a high price because of high research and development costs. But the price of these products will decrease more and more in the near future.