Dogon – an ethnic African with knowledge of the universe surprised the scientists

Dogon is a Sudanese tribe living in the Niger River, on the territory of the Republic of Mali. They are an ancient people, without any writing, but the legends from age to generation about their universe have surprised people.

Dogon information was recorded in French explorations by French scientists in the 1960-1970 period. After a period of approaching, the explorers were trusted by the Dogon and shared legends, telling stories from thousands of years ago to 3200 BC.

The formation of the universe

Modern science suggests that the universe was formed after the Big Bang, before all the matter of the universe was compressed to an unbelievable level and occupied an extremely small volume, concepts of space and time. did exist. Since the time of the Big Bang, the universe is constantly evolving, known as the expanding universe.

According to Dogon legend, the universe was formed as follows: “Material comes first as” amma “- a god with no origin at all. Amma is a sphere, an egg and this egg is closed, apart from it there is no other material. ”

In modern Dogon language, the word “amma” is a very compact and very solid still object. Next: “The world inside Amma still doesn’t have space and time. Space and time come together as a whole. ”But at one point,“ Amma ”opened its eyes, and its meaning exited, signaling the upcoming development of the world. According to Dogon legend, this universe is endless but measurable.

Understanding the galaxy

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is, according to the Dogon, a “position boundary”, part of a world of stars, of which our Earth is a small part and an infinite number of combinations. stars in the form of spirals. As we all know, most galaxies discovered by science today have a spiral shape.

When disclosing to French scientists, Dogon people illustrate their stories with symbols and diagrams that are often very complex but always clear. They represent Jupiter in the form of a large circle on which there are four small circles – the planets of this planet. Today we know 16 Jupiter satellites, four of which were discovered by Galileo in 1610 as the largest and brightest objects. The Dogon represented Saturn as two concentric circles, explaining that the outer circle was the ring.

Understanding of the celestial star

Sirius (Sirius) is the brightest star in our sky. According to Dogon, Uranus is a star system that has the most important influence on the development of life on Earth and is the foundation of the Universe. This system consists of three stars: Thien Lang, Thien Lang B, Thien Lang C. The Dogon people said that the two stars (Thien Lang B, Thien Lang C) are so close to the main light source that it is not always can see them.

It was not until 1970 that a large telescope photographed a second star, Thien Lang B, mentioned by the Dogons. The existence of Star C is still controversial by astronomers.

Dogon people say that the star of the orbit of B is orbiting it, and its rotation is about 50 years. When Thien Lang B gets closer to Thien Lang, it will be brighter and when it is far away, it will flicker so that people feel that Thien Lang B becomes many stars. Indeed, the bright cycle of Uranus B has been confirmed by scientists.

Uranus B was not visible to the naked eye, until the mid-19th century of modern science, no one but the Dogon tribe knew its existence. Dogon people also said that Thien Lang B is the most cosmic material with the largest density. Indeed, the star Thien Lang B is the first “white dwarf” discovered in the universe, it burnt and compacted to an unimaginable density, equivalent to 50 tons per 1 cm3.

The formation of mankind

Dogon legend states that Uranus is associated with the appearance of the first humans on Earth. Humans are brought to Earth on “spacecraft from the planet with the sun, the star of Heavenly Star B.” At landing, “the boat flew in two twists, using this motion, showing the life sequence in the storm.” vortices, whirlwinds give rise to the first life. ”It is now known that the basic structure of life: their DNA code has a double helix. This is a remarkable coincidence.

Dogon legends talk about two phases of space exploration. Phase 1 involves a creature called Ogo coming to Earth. The second phase was associated with the ship descending to Earth carrying Nommo and the first people. Ogo went into space three times, and made space flights on small ships. There is a passage that says that the source of fuel for a spacecraft is the “po” particle, the principal material of the universe.

Nommo is an angel who obeys Amma’s orders. The main task of this character is to create life on Earth and bring people to Earth. Dogon legend describes the process of preparing for this important mission. On board the boat has everything needed to create life on Earth as well as humans, four twins. The ship flew to Earth through a special “door” of time created by Amma.

After the ship landed on Earth, the people in the cabin came out, Amma pulled up the copper wire to hang the ship and closed the sky gate. The first people who came to earth started life on the new planet, sowing life on it and multiplying, growing.

Many countries and peoples in the world today still retain stories or relics of the existence of mankind in prehistoric civilizations as well as the destruction of these civilizations. Until modern times, studies and discoveries today claim that they are all based and credible. But few ethnic groups have detailed, clear and high-level stories about the creation of the universe, the stars and the people of the earth like the Dogon people.

For thousands of years, it was easy to get lost, but it would be a hurry if we thought their story was a myth, because the information about stars in their galaxy Proven to be accurate by scientists. So let us wait until the Dogon story of the coming of humanity on Earth is verified in the future.

The “right to be forgotten” in Europe gives Google enormous power

In controlling search engines, US law emphasizes the free speech and openness of information. But in Europe, privacy on personal data is much more emphasized, and citizens have “forgotten rights,” forcing Google to discard some search results when requested.

How to be “forgotten”

The “right to be forgotten” allows Europeans to send requests to Google (and other search engines) to remove some links that express their information in an “inaccurate, incomplete,” unrelated or outrageous. ”

You can submit this request by filling out an online form, which will be reviewed by an “advisory board” of professors, lawyers, and government employees selected by Google. When approved, Google will remove those search results when people use its tools (although the content is still online).

Since 2014, Google has received 655,000 individual requests to remove 2.4 million links, some of which are still pending, but 43% (901 thousand) of links have been approved so far. .

Who are the people who request removal of the link?

According to a recent report published by Google, 89% of requests come from ordinary citizens who want to protect their personal information; The remaining 11% are more troublesome, including corporations, politicians and public figures.

Over the past three years, government employees have sent requests to “wipe” 34,000 links from Google, under scrutiny.

To choose which requests will be approved, Google will consider many factors, including: “whether the content is related to career, criminal history, political office, position in public life. … of the person who requested it or not, or the content was about pure journalism.

So with this search engine control law, we must have missed some links so far (901 thousand is not a big number when compared to the vastness of the Internet, but it can be a lot. The link contains important information).

Maybe in the future there will need to be some unofficial search engines to be born to allow searching for all links, without hiding anything.

Overall, according to internetlivestats, Google now processes more than 40,000 search queries per second, equivalent to about 3.5 billion orders per day, 1200 billion per year worldwide. The following chart shows the number of Google searches over the years:

Besides, even though there is an advisory council, the final decision is still with Google, it is entirely up to them to decide which path can be removed, although that link may be information that people Internet users should know, for example, information about a shoddy fake product of a certain company, or information about some phishing groups.

People targeted by these links may also use different means to “bribe” Google. This is an aspect of Google’s influence.

Not only that, according to theguardian Google also holds our data, understand us better than any other search engine. If you use Google’s webmail, the messages will be permanently saved on Google’s server.

According to the NPR analysis, all this means that a private company holding power decides what will be in the “public interest,” a dangerous line between personal privacy. and abuse of information censorship.