Facebook wants to roll out tricks to help you find love

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized several times after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. At the recent F8 conference on May 1, Zuckerberg apologized again, then announced a series of new Facebook features. In addition to a few minor software updates (and the choice to wipe your personal data history), Facebook launched a buzz product: a dating platform.

The choice of time is quite obvious. After all, after the scandal of personal information leakage, Facebook wants you to trust them with all of your deepest emotional data?

According to the company’s announcement, everything seems pretty harmless. This dating platform will be parallel to the normal Facebook profile, a feature you must choose to turn on. Once enabled, you will see other Facebook users participating in this feature. The dating profile is completely separate from the normal profile, and will contain only the information and images you choose to put on it.

So what can we expect to experience from Facebook? “Long-lasting, non-one-night relationships,” Zuckerberg said at the F8 conference.

It seems Facebook has done enough research in this regard. However, it will have to convince 2 billion users to continue pouring more data into social networks. Most likely, after the recent scandals, users will still easily engage with Facebook’s attractive proposals – and this social network will have another gold mine of personal data in hand.

Also, one thing is clear, Facebook is now an exclusive social network with huge power over 2 billion users, not just a certain dating site on the web. Other dating platforms are working hard to stay away from Facebook. For example, Tinder had to change the login method for users after Facebook upgraded the framework that ruined their Facebook login.

Tinder users have several tens of millions, while Facebook users are more than 2 billion. Therefore, in terms of statistical probability, you will probably have at least a few friends join in to find “lasting love” on this new feature of Facebook.

The next big question is what Facebook will do with the dating data. It is likely that there will still be problems. At this point, Facebook can do whatever they want (even without paying taxes). A company of this size would probably not obediently control and control its own operations.

With this new dating feature, Facebook continues to gather even more powerful user data, as if nothing had happened before. Sure, Zuckerberg apologized for “crushing the water”, but are users ready to ignore it? The train has rolled down the old path, and the old problems will still lie somewhere unless managers decide to intervene before it’s too late.

How will crayons react when placed in a hydraulic press?

On a YouTube channel called Hydraulic Press, two Finnish factory owners designed an interesting experiment: squeezing a variety of soft materials like cheese, non-Newton liquid, soap and crayons through a sheet of steel with many small holes.

With the help of a very powerful hydraulic press, the results were astonishing, especially the crayons that protruded up like sprout after the rain.

In the video, this press produces 150 Bar (approximately 153 kgf / cm2) of pressure pushing various materials through small holes in ways we couldn’t expect.

This YouTube channel has carried out various hydraulic press experiments, but the video immediately impressed and is one of their most eye-catching videos.