Mysterious energy fields around megalithic structures

People who visit ancient temples and megaliths often describe a special kind of special feeling. But people often just waved their hands and smirked, thinking that it was only the result of a strong impression when admiring megalithic structures, such as stone circles, temples and ancient pyramids.

But overall evidence provides another explanation: that megalithic sites and other ancient sacred buildings are actually collecting, storing, and even producing their own energy field. , thereby leading people into a state of transforming consciousness.

No need too much motivation to activate the electromagnetic circuit system of the human body; In fact, a small change in the surrounding environment is enough to create a change in perception.

Survey proves the existence of energy fields

In 1983, a master study was conducted by engineer Charles Brooker to examine magnetism at sacred buildings. The object of study is the Rollright stone circle in England.

Results of the magnetic survey of the area show that a magnetic strip of force is attracted to the circle through a narrow gap between the rocks – acting as the entrance. This magnetic force will then spiral in a helical direction towards the center of the circle as if descending into a rabbit cave.

Two of the rocks on the west side of the circle were also found to be vibrating with concentric alternating current circles, similar to ripples in a pond.

Edited image from the magnetic exploration results of the Rollright Rock Circle. Source: Magnetism and Standing Stones by Charles Brooker in New Scientist magazine, published on January 13, 1983.

The results of this analysis led Brooker to question how “the average intensity of the magnetic field from within the circle is significantly lower than that outside the circle, as if the stones were acting as a kind of shield. ”

These discoveries helped us decipher the purpose of the ancients when they built these megalithic structures. At the Edfu temple in Egypt, there is a wall describing the formula to design a space so that the energy differs from the surrounding landscape – a temple. The instructions describe certain creative gods, first creating a mound of earth, then ‘piercing a snake’ on the spot, and from there a special natural force instilled in. land, leading to the decision to build the temple directly above.

In many cultures, the snake symbol has always been a metaphorical symbol for the meandering energy lines on Earth, what scientists call earth currents, quite similar to the concept. “Long circuit” in feng shui.

The principle is similar to modern particle accelerators

It seems that ancient architects possessed the ability to effectively exploit the laws of nature, because according to a recent study of the energy fields inside and outside the Avebury megalithic structure, the circle The largest rock in the world, these megalithic rocks are designed to draw an earth current inside.

The electrodes installed at Avebury reveal how the circular ditch interrupts the conduction of earth currents and conducts electricity into the ditch area, so essentially accumulating energy and releasing it at vestige entrances, sometimes up to twice the rate of energy in the surrounding land

The magnetic measurement index at Avebury site has gradually fallen at night, to a much greater extent than in the usual natural circumstances. They will “recharge” at dawn, with earth currents from the surrounding land being drawn towards the megalithic circle similar to when the magnetic vibrations at the site reach maximum.

According to the research done by the late physicist John Burke, the Avebury stone circle was intentionally erected and arranged to converge the electromagnetic currents flowing in a predetermined direction, following the same principle as the machines. modern particle acceleration, in which air ions are driven in a certain direction.

The effect of the electromagnetic convergence of sacred constructions may be enhanced by the selected stone. The rocks used in megalithic structures often involve large amounts of magnetite (a ferromagnetic mineral), and are also often transported over long distances. These two factors turn temples into weak magnets, despite their large size.

These “capacitor batteries” are directly connected to the Earth’s magnetic field
The energy fields of ancient buildings have a strong impact on the human body, especially the amount of dissolved iron circulating in the blood vessels, not to mention the millions of magnetite particles circulating inside the skull, and the pineal gland. (fruits), which are sensitive to electromagnetic fields by themselves, and when stimulated will produce neurotransmitters such as pinolene and seratonin. In an environment where the intensity of the electromagnetic field is reduced, people will be able to experience supernatural states of mind.

A comprehensive survey was conducted in Carnac commune in France, where about 80,000 megalithic works were concentrated. The investigation results have revealed the existence of a similar spiritual technology in operation. At first, the principal researcher, electrical engineer Pierre Mereux, was skeptical that megalithic structures could possess any special powers.

The Mereux engineer Carnac’s investigation revealed how the tombstones initiated the effect of amplifying and releasing earth currents during the day, with the strongest intensity recorded at dawn. The voltage and magnetic oscillation are related, and follow a phenomenon known as electrical induction.

According to engineer Mereux, “The dolmens act as a solenoid coil (metal coil wrapped around an iron core), in which currents are activated or produced by oscillation, stronger or weaker. , of the surrounding magnetic field. “But this phenomenon will not be triggered at any intensity unless the tomb is made of crystal rocks rich in quartz content, such as granite.”

Measurements of the megalithic columns show a type of energy that circulates at the bottom, positively and negatively, up to 10 m from these vertical monolithic rocks, some of which Still shows carvings of snakes. The maximum fluctuations circulate every 70 minutes or so, showing megalithic columns and frequent discharges.

Mereux engineers also noticed a gradual decrease in the voltage intensity of the megalithic columns in the Grand Ménec layout as the further away from the stone circle area, which itself acts as a capacitor or a capacitor. energy focus.

The structure of the rocks and their ability to transmit energy also attract engineers Mereux and other scientists. With very high quartz content, specially selected stones are piezoelectric, meaning they will generate electricity when pressed or vibrated. The megaliths in Carnac commune, located at 31 faults of the region with the strongest earthquake activity in France, are in a state of constant oscillation, causing the rocks to develop electromagnetism.

The stone pillars were not erected at this location randomly, especially when they were transported from an area 97 km away, because their presence and orientation were directly related. with the Earth’s magnetic field.

Sacred constructions and magnetic gates

Many ancient mysterious traditions around the world are similar in a special way: they argue that certain locations on Earth converge a greater energy source than others. These sites, known by the Hopi aborigines as “small deer spots,” eventually became the foundations of many of the sacred buildings and temples we observe today.

Interestingly, every culture says that these special places are connected to heaven by an empty pipe or hollow reed trunk, and through this central connection the soul can continue access to other worlds during the ritual. However, it also provides a path for the spirit world to enter this physical realm.

In 2008 NASA may have inadvertently confirmed the accuracy of this thesis when it published details of an investigation of flux transfer events, which describes how the Earth is linked to the Sun through a network of magnetic gates that opens every 8 minutes.

A flux transfer event (FTE) occurs when a magnetic gate opens on the Earth’s magnetosphere and through which energy-rich material particles from the Sun can flow inward.

Such findings help to confirm, under the lens of science, the long-held belief of sensitive people and radiologists: megalithic structures and ancient temples are places. point of separation from the mundane world, where one can connect with places far beyond the Earth.

Certainly the ancient Egyptian priests saw the temple as something beyond the combination of inanimate rocks. Every day at dawn they would wake up to each room awakening with solemn sutras, treat the temple like a living creature that would sleep at night and wake up at dawn.

The material in the article is based on the author’s book titled The Divine Blueprint: Temples, power places, and the global plan to shape the human soul, the invisible temple, 2012. This book can be purchased on His website:

Manifesto of a post-materialist science

“The transition from Materialist Science to Post-Materialist Science can be of vital importance to the development of human civilization. It may be even more important than the transition from geocentrism to heliocentrism.

The word “science” is derived from the Latin word, the original meaning of “education”, which is fundamentally different from truth. Broadly speaking, science is constantly searching for ways to approach the laws of the universe and the form of knowledge formed from there. Modern science is a set of systems and systems of knowledge, using the logical form and the method of authentication as the basis for perceiving and finding the laws of the physical world, here we call it the department learn to testify.

Contemporary contemporary science is thought to have started in the 16th century, with the fact that Nicolaus Copernicus theorized that the Sun is the center of the universe (not the Earth), in stark contrast to the doctrine of the Church at that time.

Over the past four centuries, modern science has made great strides, including: decoding human genetic maps, creating robots with artificial intelligence that defeat chess masters and Go, make carbon materials lighter and stronger than steel, discovered gravitational waves from space more than 1.3 billion years ago, created quantum computers …

Materialist Science Background

The philosophical basis of modern Western-based science has divided the complete world into two independent categories: material and spiritual, so the established concept of nature separates people. and nature, people and the world, mind and matter. Beginning in the 19th century, the ideology of scientific materialism dominated the academic world in the 20th century. This dominance shows that the majority of scientists began to believe that material science was based on proven empirical evidence that represents the only reasonable view of the world.

However, despite great achievements, modern materialist science cannot fully explain a multitude of issues around us, such as the source of spiritual activities. , the relationship between matter and consciousness, the origin of the universe and the Earth, the phenomenon of reincarnation – reincarnation, why the living environment is increasingly being destroyed despite the development of science and technology, the existence and probability of the so-called “natural” …

Today, there are many famous scientists in the world who believe that it is time for humans to develop a science different from Materialist Science, they call it Post-Material Science. In February 2014, many scientists around the world participated in an international summit on post-materialist science. At the end of the conference, the scientists announced the Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science Manifesto. This manifesto has been written by 8 scientists – reputable and famous scholars and it has been recognized and signed by over 300 other prestigious scientists around the world. The following is the full text of this statement:

Manifesto of Post-Materialism Science

We are a group of famous scientists from around the world, from many different fields of science (biology, neuroscience, psychology, medicine, psychiatry), attending the summit. international post-material science, spiritual and social. The summit was co-hosted by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, Dr. Mario Beauregard, University of Arizona, and Dr. Lisa Miller, Columbia University. This summit was held at Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona, USA on February 7-9, 2014.

Our aim is to discuss the impact of materialist ideology on science and the emergence of a post-materialist paradigm for science, spirituality, and society. Assembly. We have reached the following conclusions:

1. The worldview of modern science is based primarily on assumptions that are closely related to classical physics. Materialism – the idea that matter is the only reality – is one of these assumptions. A related assumption is reductionism, the notion that complex things can be understood by simplifying them into parts’ interactions, or with simpler or more basic things like particles. small matter.

2. In the 19th century, these assumptions narrowed, turned into dogmas, and combined into a system of ideological beliefs called “scientific materialism”. This belief system holds that the mind is nothing but the physical activity of the brain, and that our thoughts cannot affect the brain and the body, our actions and the world. material.

3. The ideology of scientific materialism became dominant in academia in the 20th century. This dominance was so strong that most scientists began to believe that materialistic science was based on empirical evidence, and represents the only reasonable view of the world.

4. Scientific methods based on materialistic philosophy have been highly successful in not only improving our understanding of nature but also bringing greater control and freedom through advances in public turmeric.

5. However, the almost absolute dominance of materialism in the academic world restricts the sciences and hinders the development of spiritual and spiritual scientific research. This belief in ideology, as a unique framework explaining reality, has forced scientists to ignore the dimension of subjective human experience. This has led to serious distortion and impoverishes our understanding of ourselves and the position of man in nature.

6. Science is, first of all, an open, non-dogmatic way to acquire knowledge of nature – through observation, empirical investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Its methodology is not synonymous with materialism and should not be associated with any beliefs, dogmas, or ideologies.

7. At the end of the 19th century, physicists discovered experimental phenomena that classical physics could not explain. This led to the development of a revolutionary new physics called quantum mechanics in the 1920s and early 1930s. Quantum mechanics has questioned the world’s facilities. by showing that atoms and subatomic particles are not really solid objects – they do not exist reliably at definite spatial and definite positions. Most importantly, quantum mechanics has brought the spirit into a basic conceptual structure, because it has been discovered that microscopic particles are observed and the observer – the physicist and the method used to Observe – be related to each other. According to an explanation of quantum mechanics, this phenomenon shows that the observer’s consciousness is very important for the existence of observed physical events, and mental events can affect material world. Results of recent experiments support this explanation. These results show that the material world is no longer the main or only component of reality, and it cannot be fully understood without reference to consciousness.

8. Psychological studies have shown that conscious mental activity can affect behavior; In addition, the interpretation and predictive value of key factors (such as beliefs, goals, desires and expectations) are very high. Moreover, according to research in psychoneuroimmunology, thoughts and emotions can significantly influence the behavior of the physiological system that connects to the brain. (e.g. immune, endocrine, cardiovascular). In other respects, neurological activity studies (neuroimaging) on ​​self-regulation of emotions, psychotherapy and placebo effects, demonstrate that mental events significantly influence the activity of brain.

9. Studies on so-called “psychotic phenomena” (psi) show that sometimes we can get meaningful information without going through the normal senses, and going beyond the limits. constraints on existing time and space. Moreover, psychosocial studies demonstrate that we can psychologically influence remote devices and physical devices (including humans) from a distance. Suboptimal studies also show that the spirit of people who are far away can still correlate indefinitely (nonlocal), i.e. the correlation between remote consciousness is assumed to be mediated ( they are not associated with any known energy signal), are not attenuated (they do not degrade as the distance increases), and immediately (they appear simultaneously). These events are so common that they cannot be considered anomalies or exceptions to the laws of nature, but rather suggest a broader explanation of materialism.

10. People can experience conscious mental activity during clinical death when the heart stops (this is what is called a “near-death experience”). Some people who have had near-death experiences have reported that outside-body awareness (for example, perception can be proven to coincide with reality) occurs during cardiac arrest. People with near-death experiences also report profound spiritual experiences during near-death experiences after the heart stops. Remarkably, when the heart stopped beating, the brain’s electrical activity stopped completely after only a few seconds.

11. Controlled laboratory experiments have noted that seasoned psychic people (who claim to be able to communicate with the consciousness of the deceased) can sometimes get highly accurate information. about those who have passed away. This further supports the conclusion that consciousness can exist independently of the brain.

12. Some scientists and philosophers tend to materialistly refuse to acknowledge these phenomena because they are inconsistent with their inherent conception of the world. Refusing to explore post-materialism in nature, or refusing to publish scientific findings that strongly support a post-materialist cognitive framework, is a real object to the spirit of scientific research, in which data Experimental data should always be handled satisfactorily. Data inconsistent with theory and preferred beliefs cannot be discarded in a priori (deductive) fashion. This elimination is from ideology, not science.

13. It is important to recognize that near-psychoactive phenomena (spi), near-death experiences when the heart stops, and evidence that is repeated from reputable researchers only become abnormal when viewed. through materialist lenses.

14. Moreover, materialism theory cannot shed light on how the brain creates consciousness, and they cannot explain the empirical evidence mentioned in this manifesto. This failure tells us that now is the time to free ourselves from the shackles and blindness of old materialistic thought, to expand the concept of our natural world, and to follow the model rear materialism.

15. Following the post materialist model:

a) Consciousness represents an aspect of reality and is as basic as the material world. Consciousness is fundamental in the universe, that is, it cannot originate from matter and diminish to anything more fundamental.

b) There is a deep connection between the mind and the material world.

c) Consciousness (will / will) can affect the state of the physical world, and operate in an indefinite (or expanded) position, meaning that it is not limited to points. specific in space, such as the brain and body, as well as time-specific points, such as the present. Because consciousness can influence nonlocally in the physical world, the intention, emotions and desires of an experimenter may not be completely isolated from the results of the experiment. both in blinded and controlled experiments.

d) Consciousness does not seem to be bound, and can be combined into one unity – A Consciousness that includes the single consciousness of all individuals.

e) NDEs when the heart stops working show that the brain acts as a transceiver of mental activities, that is, consciousness can operate through the brain, but not by the brain. Near-death experiences that occur when the heart stops functioning, combined with evidence from psychic people, continue to show the existence of consciousness after the death of the body, and the existence of realms of reality. (reality level) is not different from physics.

f) Scientists should not be afraid of spiritual investigations and spiritual experiences because they represent a central aspect of human existence.

16. Post-materialist science does not reject empirical observations and the great value of scientific achievements up to now. It seeks to expand the human capacity to better understand the wonders of nature, and it is in the process of rediscovering the importance of the mind and spirit as part of the basic structure of Space. Post-materialism also includes matter, which is considered to be a fundamental component of the universe.

17. The materialist model has far-reaching implications. It fundamentally changes our vision of ourselves, regaining us dignity and strength, as human beings and as scientists. This model fosters positive values ​​such as compassion, respect and peace. By emphasizing the deep connection between ourselves and nature, the post-materialist model also promotes environmental awareness and conservation of our biosphere. In addition, it is not something new, but has only been forgotten for 400 years, that the understanding of lived transmaterials can be the basis of health and physicality, since it has been create and preserve methods of mind-body-spiritual training, religious traditions and spiritual practices.

18. The transition from materialist science to post-materialist science can be of vital importance to the development of human civilization. It may be even more important than the transition from geocentrism (the earth is central) to heliocentrism (the sun is central).